Pontiac Announces Plans To Build 2018 Pontiac Safari - Pontiac Announced 2018 Safari

Yesterday, Pontiac held a press conference announcing its short term product release plans and they included a mention about the 2018 Pontiac Safari being “freshened” in the 2017/2018 model year.

This is good news for those of us who were nervy about the ability of the 2018 Pontiac Safari to survive the government stewardship they are currently living through.
We do not have all the details about the 2018 Pontiac Safari now, but the few things we have heard have convinced us that this car that is about to start its production journey is not going to disappoint us. We believe that the 2018 Pontiac Safari will have some design upgrades in order to stand a better chance when competing with the ever changing car market. We expect the exterior design upgrade to begin with the introduction of a LED taillight. A new taillight will definitely give it a newer look without moving too far from the design that has made it the highest selling car in the US for the past few years.

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